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July 02 2017

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Andre Kertesz: ''Elisabeth and I,' Budapest, 1921

June 29 2015

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Przedwojenna Warszawa nocą.
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Zdzisław Beksiński ph, the 50’s. Model - his wife, Zofia

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 Nie wiem, co mnie bardziej przeraża
Zobaczyć Cię ponownie, czy nie zobaczyć Cię już nigdy.
— Une Rencontre
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La Peau Douce (1964)

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Advertising for LEGO in 1981. 
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Hedda Sterne’s studio, photographed by Duane Michals in 1970

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Maryl Streep na planie "Wyboru Zofii" (1982)
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December 29 2014

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December 26 2014

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